Seniors First Transportation Program

Many people learn about Seniors First because they see our vans on the roads in Orange County. We love being able to help our clients attend the neighborhood lunch program and connect mobile seniors living in downtown Orlando. Our transportation services target specific areas, have limited participation and do not include service to doctor appointments.

Neighborhood Lunch Program

Seniors First provides transportation to the Neighborhood Lunch sites so seniors may obtain a  healthy meal and have opportunities to socialize and stay active.

Senior Tran Shuttle-City of Orlando

The Senior Tran shuttle service, provided by the City of Orlando, is for select downtown buildings that house senior citizens. Seniors First operates this service three days a week using two buses which provide round trip transportation. We safely deliver mobile seniors to their destinations such as the pharmacy, grocery store, the library, and other places where they can purchase needed household and personal items.

Residents of Magnolia Towers, Kinneret Apartments, Orlando Cloisters, Orlando Central Towers, Baptist Terrace, Hillcrest-Hampton House, William Boothe Towers, Westminster Towers, Lucerne Towers, Orlando Lutheran Towers, Jackson Court and Carver Court should contact their facility staff for schedule information.



This program is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Title VI and is monitored by the Florida Department of Transportation.

Seniors First transportation driver assists a client with bags after a trip to the grocery store.

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