Interested in volunteering to drive a route?

We are excited to get to know you and share more information with you one-on-one. Here are your next steps to becoming a Meal on Wheels volunteer with Seniors First.

  • Download and complete application.  Send to Volunteer Supervisor email below.
  • Contact the Volunteer Office
  • Attend a volunteer training session
  • Make a huge difference for seniors

Volunteer Application

Volunteer Supervisor – Maureen Sullivan

“Because of the Meals on Wheels staff my mother is alive today.”

“Your program is doing a good job. Besides the meal, I receive a big smile every day. Makes me feel good.”

“Thank you to Seniors First not only for my meals but for all services provided to me. You have been a life saver.”

“Every volunteer is excellent. They make me smile.”

“For my own experience, I haven’t met a volunteer that has been unkind to me.”

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