Meal Programs

1 in 6 Orange County seniors struggles with hunger and may not know where their next meal will come from.  That equates to about 16,000 older adults in Orange County alone, nearly enough to fill the Amway Center.  Since 1973 we have offered 2 meal programs to help older adults stave off hunger.  Each dietician-approved meal meets 1/3 of the recommended daily allowance and is suitable for most diabetic and low-sodium diets.

MEALS ON WHEELS             

As the sole Meals on Wheels provider for Orange County, we deliver over  350,000 meals to hundreds of seniors each year. Our volunteers’ warm smiles and friendly conversation are the highlights of many seniors’ days.

Over 300 volunteers deliver a nutritious lunch and optional cold breakfast to the homes of Orange County seniors 60+ up, Monday through Friday, up to 5 days per week. Frozen meals are served in select areas. Volunteers begin delivering  at 9 or 10am depending on route and individuals must be home to receive meals. The program targets low-income seniors who have difficulty preparing food, but those with higher incomes can avoid the waitlist by purchasing meals. Case Managers provide referrals and assess seniors’ ongoing needs.

Emergency Meals on Wheels

Under the Meals on Wheels umbrella is our Emergency Meals program. Emergency Meals helps seniors who have recently been discharged from a healthcare facility or are experiencing a crisis situation by providing 30 days of nutritious meals to aid in their recovery at home. This service can be extended when circumstances warrant.


Program participants must be 60 years of age or older, Orange County residents, basically homebound, and have an impairment or disability that impacts their ability to grocery shop and cook meals. Seniors must be assessed to see if they qualify to participate in the free meal program.

How it Works

Balanced meals are prepared with special attention to the dietary and nutritional needs of the aging population we serve. Meals are delivered daily Monday – Friday mornings in most areas of Orange County and seniors must be home to receive their meals. Some areas are designated to receive a weekly delivery of frozen meals.

Apply For Meals

Seniors can purchase meals or apply for the free meal program wait list for Orange County. Please call 407.615.8987 to learn more or to complete an application.


with transportation

For more active seniors, Neighborhood Lunch has been providing nutritionally-balanced meals and social activities at 14 donated sites throughout Orange County since 1973. We serve over 100,000 meals to hundreds of seniors annually.

The cornerstone of this program is the fellowship and camaraderie seniors feel from spending time with others their age to offset the social isolation that is so common. Orange County seniors 60+ with limited income come to our sites up to 5 days a week to enjoy a luncheon meal and engage with peers.  Social activities include games, holiday and birthday celebrations, field and shopping trips, health and educational seminars, music and exercise. Roundtrip, door-to-door van service is provided to those who lack transportation. Days and times vary by location so please call to reserve your spot and apply for the lunch program today.


Thank you to all our community partners who donate program space.

East Orange Community Center, Engelwood Neighborhood Center, L. Claudia Allen Senior Center, Marks Street Senior Center, Taft Community Center, William Booth Towers, Willow Street Community Center-Zellwood, Calvary Towers-Winter Park, and Restoration Christian Church.


The program serves senior citizens residing in Orange County.
Please call 407.615.8987 to learn more or to complete an application.

Seniors First Food Pantry

Our food pantry is free and open to the public the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month from 9-11am  at the Seniors First offices, 5395 LB McLeod Rd. Orlando 32811.   There is no application or qualifying process.  All distributions are prepackaged and similar in content.  For more information call 407-615-8969. 

Palmira’s Story

Palmira 100 yrs.Palmira, who celebrated her 100th birthday in February of 2015, attended the Neighborhood Lunch Program of Seniors First for over 15 years. Her daughter told us, “This program played a large role in keeping my mother active and alert. She would go Monday though Friday and it was wonderful to see her wake up with a purpose each morning anxious to spend time with her friends.”

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